Services - Structural - Design

Every job is equally important. A job well done gets us a repeat order.

Our Steel Structure Design covers the following areas:

  • Tension member Design

  • Compression member Design

  • Design of members subjected to Bending

  • Design under Combined Stresses

  • Connection Design

  • Design of Encased members

  • Column Base design

  • Purlin and Girt Design

  • Foundation Design

  • Compound member Design

  • Lacing and battening columns

  • Design covers all types of loads like Dead, Imposed, Wind, Snow, Equipment, Crane, Moving objects, Earthquake, Temperature, Erection, Dust, etc.

Our Design includes the following types:

  • Portal Frame

  • Multistory Buildings

  • Gantry Girders

  • Conveyor Gallery

  • Plate Girder

  • Trusses

  • Open Gantries

  • Factory Sheds with all types of Cranes.

We use the following codes for Design:

  • IS 800

  • IS 875 (Part 1-5)

  • IS 1893

We use the following software for design & analysis purposes

  • StaadPro

  • Design Spreadsheets developed by us.